Free Facebook Money Making Slots – How to Play SlotMania on Facebook and Avoid Being Scammed

It seems that more people are falling for the easy way out by buying money making slots and putting them up on Facebook for a small fee. This way of earning cash through Facebook has caused many a person to lose their mind and send in their games away for them to look at.

SlotMania, one of the top slots games, allows players to add them to their friends list. So, when someone makes a purchase you can buy it from them and continue playing. It is amazing how many people do this without even knowing about the strict terms of service Facebook has.

When you play games like SlotMania or any other games that have people making payments for them on Facebook, you risk getting caught. If you are caught trying to trick someone into buying things you could be banned and removed from the site. That will hurt your chances of ever getting paid anything.

The best way to avoid this, and to make sure that you are in good standing, is to simply not put anything like this up on Facebook. If it is something that a friend has purchased, then you can add them as a friend, but you should not include your own money amount.

SlotMania is one of the most popular games on Facebook. There are a lot of people who play it regularly, which means that there is always a high volume of fake money being made. People will put ads up that they purchased for free or will not offer a refund for the money they get from slotmania.

This type of scam is one reason why it is so important to only include your own money amount when you are making any sort of payment on Facebook. The more you get involved with these games, the easier it is to fall for these types of scams.

You should be able to find out if someone is making a payment and even have them stop them from doing it on Facebook by posting a report on their profile. It is also possible to report these accounts on the official Facebook site.

SlotMania is one of the top games on Facebook. It is very unlikely that anyone would not want to play it, so be careful not to get caught!

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